5 Ways Shift Scheduling Software Prevents Employee Turnover

Whether you’re in the healthcare industry, the security industry, retail, or any other field, one of your main focuses is to keep your staff. Employee turnover is insanely expensive to our businesses, although its cost doesn’t always show up on a profit and loss statement.

Your employees might leave for a better job opportunity. Or to go back to school. Or because they’re not happy. And while you can’t prevent every employee from leaving, you can take measures to reduce the number that quit.

Shift scheduling software is actually a fantastic tool to reduce employee turnover. Here’s how it helps:

1. The Schedule is Always Up-to-Date. Once you’ve created and posted the schedule to your break room, undoubtedly changes will come up.  With scheduling software, you’ll be able to publish changes at a click of a button.   And with nearly all employees having mobile phones, they always have the latest-and-greatest version of the schedule in their pocket.   Say goodbye to “but I thought I was off that day” or “I didn’t check the schedule in the break room.” 

2. You Have Time to Be a Better Manager. When you save time on employee schedules, you free yourself up to work on everything else you’re responsible for. So you’re not overworked — or at least, are less overworked. You have more time to be a good listener to your staff and make the workplace more enjoyable.  Check out reason #3 on the 6 reasons your best employees quit you.  Hint: no time to listen to your employees.

3. Your Staff Knows You Take Their Vacation Requests Seriously. There’s no chance you’ll lose a Post-It note with a days-off request if employees send them through your shift scheduling software.  And you get to approve or deny the request. Once approved, if Sally can’t work on Tuesday, the system warns you about scheduling her. Neither you, nor Sally, have to worry about accidentally scheduling her when time off has been approved.

4. Timesheets Can’t Be Fudged. If an employee complains that she worked more hours than she was scheduled, and you’re shortchanging her paycheck, software will help you log the exact times she was at work. Now you’ve got evidence of when she worked using a time clock, and you can issue payroll accordingly.

5. You Can Schedule Breaks. If your staff complains that you never give them their lunch and bathroom breaks, scheduling software can build them in automatically. That way, you know you’ve always got an employee working, and they know they’ll get the break they’re entitled to.  As a side note, it can be an expensive labor law compliance issue if your employees aren’t getting the breaks they’re entitled to.

Successful companies rely on happy employees. If shift scheduling software can eliminate headaches and reduce turnover, why wouldn’t you want to use it?

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Susan Payton is a small business expert and has written 3 books on PR and entrepreneurship. You can learn from her here on the Hello Scheduling blog, as well as on her Twitter @eggmarketing.
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