Mobile Marketing for Hotels

Today we are sharing a guest post from Brandon Dennis, who works for buuteeq, a digital marketing system for hotels. Since a number of our customers operate hotels, we thought you would find this information interesting.

Every day, people use smartphones to browse the internet, use email and text messaging, and manage their daily lives with apps. The number of people who use smartphones has jumped more than 57% since 2009 to over 78 million, and this is expected to increase dramatically. Whether you need to browse a hotel directory to find a place to stay, watch streaming movies, conduct business or manage your employees, doing so without a rich, mobile optimized option is quickly becoming insufficient.

Hello Scheduling is a great tool to help hotel owners manage their employees’ schedules, skills and calls to save hoteliers time and make employees more productive and happy. buuteeq helps hotel owners create and manage their online marketing efforts, taking the pain out of having a powerful online presence. Mobile Hotel Website

buuteeq not only creates a richly detailed, high-tech website, but we also create a mobile optimized version of the website so the millions of smartphone Internet browsers can explore your hotel in a format native to their device. Our templates take all of the important information about your hotel and organizes it all so that it can be consumed better on smartphones and feature phones.

Hotel iPhone App

With over 700 million apps in the iTunes app directory, having an iPhone app is a great way to reach a new audience. buuteeq creates an iPhone app customized for your hotel, giving guests another unique experience on their smartphones to share with their friends.

Visit buuteeq to learn more about how you and your employees can create beautiful online marketing materials for your hotel.

Learn more about digital marketing for your hotel on buuteeq’s blog.

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