More Scheduling Space, Group Shifts with Tabs, 1-click Template Creation

When we launched Hello Scheduling in mid-January we never anticipated the amazing response we’d receive.  To date, over 500 organizations have signed up and are scheduling away.   Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve completely redesigned the scheduling interface and now it’s more intuitive than ever.

The new interface includes:

  • New schedule layout that looks great on either a widescreen or normal monitor.  We resized everything to give you more scheduling space.
  • Group shifts with tabs:  Create groups for different areas of your store, like “front-of-the-house” shifts vs “warehouse” shifts.
  • One-click template creation:  With one click, you can create a new template from any day in your schedule.  Horray!
  • Update templates from the schedule:  If you’ve made a change to your schedule, you can update your template — as well as every day that uses that template — without rescheduling your employees.

Thanks again for your support and happy scheduling!


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