Complete Work Schedules
for Coffee Shop
Employees in Seconds

Save Time

Save Time

Easy 1-click scheduling lets you spend time on what drives your business.

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Be Efficient

Be Efficient

24/7, real-time access eliminates employee calls for schedules.

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Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant

Built-in break calculation and time clock tool help you maintain compliance.

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These happy customers use Hello Scheduling to manage their employee Scheduling online An image of the companies who are using our employee scheduling software.

Stop Coffee Shop Staff Calls for
Work Schedules

Your employees can check their schedules, request time off and swap shifts using our website or mobile app, eliminating the need to call you.

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Stop 'When Do I Work?' Calls

Use Easy Shift Scheduling to Create Staff Schedules Faster

Our auto-scheduler pulls from employee availability and skill sets to generate random schedules for you. Or, if you have any recurring schedules, create your own schedules and set them to repeat as needed.

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Create Restaurant Work Schedules in 1 Click

Follow Labor Laws Effortlessly With Our Coffee Shop Scheduling Software

Breaks can be forgotten during the morning rush, but Hello Scheduling will make sure your employees get their required time off. Our software automatically schedules mandatory breaks, according to FLSA regulations.

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Our work schedule maker ensures you always schedule employees with the right skills

Deliver Work Schedules 24/7 for Your Coffee Shop Staff

Employers and employees can access our website or mobile apps at any time of day or night.

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Easily creating recurring work shifts

Provide Time Clock Features for Employees With Our Shift Scheduling Software

Pay only for hours worked with our time clock feature. We’ll keep track of when your employees clock in and out.

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Our work schedule maker ensures you always schedule employees with the right skills

What Customers are Saying About Us

...we won't miss any unscheduled shifts... Thank you so much for all your help! We are so addicted and I don't know how we did it before.

Tammy S, Wexner Heritage Village

Try Our Coffee Shop Employee Scheduling Software for FREE

Scheduling your coffee shop or café employees can take a lot of time – time that’s probably spent better elsewhere. Hello Scheduling makes scheduling easier and quicker for you. You can save regular schedules and set them to repeat as needed, or you can use our auto-schedule feature.

The auto-scheduler creates workable schedules for you, based off of employee information, like skill sets and availability. Employees can use our website or mobile apps to update their availability as needed, as well as view their schedules and swap shifts.

Hello Scheduling offers a free 14-day, full-feature trial, with no credit card required. Try our employee scheduling service to see how well our software meets your coffee shop scheduling needs.

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